work in progress.

Mr.Moist is some kind of long term project i have been working on and most likely will continue the next month.
Basically it’s Android Application. But it does more than changing content on a the phone.

Rather more it’s a combination of a Raspberry Pi which hosts an Apache server with a Flask-Rest Api running to control the GPIO Pins on the Pi itself.
Therefore Mr.Moist is a remote access tool for the Pi, which makes it possible to measure temperature, humidity and moisture on the Pi’s sensors. In addition it will be possible to open up ventilation as well as watering remotely, turn on lights and finally make and send pictures via webcam. Even do a timelapse completely by itself. All this can be set up via Mr.Moist as interface for the entire setup. Since it’s written in kivy it’s fairly easy to change operation system or medium. Android, IOS, Windows and Linux should be covered as well as the opportunity to switch to tablet or a regular desktop pc.
So Far, most of this is already working from within the App on Android. Still a way to go though.