Bake Metadata

This package allows you to bake frame based metadata values into reusable keyframes for mapping those into different ranges, filter or use them as you like.

One example would be to take the focus point and use them inside a defocus node.

bake metadata pop up

The Tool itself is written in PySide. There is also an option to switch to Qt if you are using this for a smooth transition between PySide and PySide2.

The popup is fairly simple. Just a line edit with auto-completion to search for metadata keys and a table to collect all the selected keys.

After finishing the selection it is possible to set the range the data should be baked in. When hitting bake, a NoOp node will be created and the selected metadata keys will be baked in. The script tries to figure out which kind of knob would be the one to bake the value in.

For example having a render out of houdini with a baked in camera matrix, the script will recognize that it is a 4×4 matrix and will create a 16×1 matrix. Same for single float or integer values. String values will be evaluated as string and simply added as text input knob.


Short demo on vimeo: