out of the box

the Box set
it’s a package of multiple tools to manipulate the nodegraph/viewer or as an extended menu. written in python with pyside as UI.


Couple of years i started to write a small tool called hotbox for nuke. in the middle of this, a by far more advanced, yet very similar tool in approach came out. so i just left this work in progress version at the shelf since there was no need anymore. however, the other day i felt like i should finish it,so i did. it’s not exactly the same but pretty much what i had in mind back then.
basically it’s just an additional menu with option to design the function as you wish.


The Channel Hotbox is a small tool written in PySide to easy and fast changing channels inside the active viewer. It also provides an option to shift-click the channels and shuffle them out after release.


This little Script allows you to scale the distance between selected Nodes inside the Nodegraph. It is based on Frank Rueters ‘scaleNodes’ which you can find here.


The MergeBox was a byproduct during the developing of the ChannelHotbox. Nevertheless i list it for sake of completion


i have to admit i did not know about the “go to frame..” function within nuke until 2 years ago. by then i just wrote my own little window popping up and jumping to the desired frame. of course it’s pretty obsolete since there is a build in one. i still use mine.
could add an option like jump to start by typing -1 or “s”. same for end with “e”. eventually i’ll look into it.”