point render engine – kick off

after i playing a little bit with BlinkScript in general, i decided to give a try to write an own little point render engine. nothing fancy, just something that can render couple of thousand points inside nuke wihtout bothering with the scanline renderer and it’s sampling.

after weeks on and off, the code finally produced some image which is at least fairly close to the camera preview in the 3d viewport. hooray, an image!

it’s very very basic, but it’s an image made of points. after just using a cube as base grid to emit points i jumped on a sphere, where the points only emitted on the surface.

turned out the capacity is way higher than thousands. maximum rendered were 5 millions so far. and it rendered in roughly one second. haa! and this with a first draft of code which can be for sure optimized for speed.

not there yet, but it’s a start to get these render thingy going.


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